Feeling under-qualified in today's job market?

We’ve leveraged our industry insights to deliver Work Integrated Learning (WIL) platform with tailor-made content and real world industry challenges.

Data shows that there is a 22% gap between the skills technology graduates have and the skills companies require.

Between 2012 and 2015, there was a 400% increase in the skills frequently mentioned on job descriptions.

55% of Canadian adults retain a level 1 digital competency – meaning little to no ICT {information, communication and technology} skills. Isn’t it alarming considering 75% of organizations need employees with these skill sets?

With the continued rise of emerging technology, the gap between the skills workers have and the skills companies require is only going to get wider.

Build tech confidence while building tech skills

An innovative alternative to co-op programs, individuals can apply their online learning to real-life applications. Work Integrated Learning (WIL) combines technological skill-building online with offline industry challenges.

Fortune 500 industry experts design educational content to practically demonstrate and develop both technical and emotional intelligence. Our experts are constantly updating our content framework to match industry standards.

Experts are assessed through a 10-stage process, ensuring world-class content and delivery. Like a virtual internship,  the WIL model engages learners to retain more information, and provides real-time support with local mentors. We’re creating a more tech-confident, human-centric workforce in a shorter amount of time. Our educational content was created to address this gap and equip the workforce with the skills they need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

We primarily focus on work-based learning as we understand student retention rates are much better with work-based learning (75%) vs the traditional and online lecture-based format (20%). Here’s what make us unique:

Access to industry

Our courses are taught by Fortune 500 real-world experts, highlighting the real world application of problems.

Real World Industry Challenges

Our student learning is centered around digital problems faced by Fortune 500 companies and Canadian industries

Simplified learning

We’ve broken down our courses into bite-sized portions so that students aren’t overwhelmed with information.

Accessible at different skill levels

From complete beginners to emerging technology application experts, our team has content tailored to your skill level.

Customized training to re-engage employee

Invest in the development of your employee skills in emergent economy, customized to your industry's needs.

Education Co-Collaborators


Informative presentation that explained WHY circuits work the way they do. Clear instructions. Working with circuits is interesting. The right level of challenge (not too easy that it's boring, not too hard that it's impossible). Thanks again for the great session! I'll pass the word around.
Hilwie Hamdon School
There was a lot of positive feedback from students I heard on an informal basis. I will be gathering info more formally through a survey next week. I really appreciate FourFront Insights working with our students and we would love to work with you next year!
Ottewell Jr.High School