Having trouble understanding your company's processes to improve business decision-making?

Our work-integrated skills training platform empowers your team to learn while creating value for your business.

Build industry solutions with leading-edge tech principles

Technology has rapidly transformed how we design and implement business solutions.

Companies looking to stay ahead of the curve need a team that can confidently advance with these changes in stride.

Small team? No team? No worries. We will meaningfully upskill your team in emergent economy or directly hire qualified students who are trained in your business




Reduce the scrap rate (waste reduction) and increase production efficiency.

Reduce WIP (work in progress) and increase throughput.

Increase production reliability.

Improve workflow optimization by identifying gaps in your business production cycle.

Train employees and provide them with the necessary skills to utilize the latest technologies.

What’re the benefits of adopting these technologies?

Through our workplace training services we provide world class business optimisation solutions, and aim to provide the following benefits to our clientele.

Knowing with certainty

Solve technology problems under the guidance of F500 applied experts

Being at the forefront

Better integration of technology into your business

Simplifying hiring processes

Creating tailored qualifications and experiences for your business

Building stronger team

Skills in the emergent economy and improved industrial and emotional intelligence in the workplace

Working across all Industries

We work with organizations who see the need to implement emerging technology tools into their operations, but may not have the in-house expertise to do so. If any of your employees are getting trained during Work Integrated Learning along with students, your company may be eligible to apply for Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) funding to help pay for the training costs, and we can help you with this process if it is of interest.

We are open to working with companies in a variety of sectors including:

Industry collaborators