About Us

Why FourFront

In today’s rapidly changing digital age, every company and individual should have a working knowledge in emerging technology. Unfortunately, resources available in adopting these technologies are often minimal and intricate. 

We help companies and individuals embrace these technologies with reduced complexity and cost by employing the collective knowledge of our industry experts – a group that includes Ivy League graduates and employees from top Fortune 500 technology companies.

What We Do

The team at FourFront has created a unique Work Integrated Reskilling and Upskilling platform that enables companies to increase their efficiency and productivity, further enhancing a culture of innovation. FourFront develops customized courses that are led by leading industry experts to upskill their current workforce and keep organizations competitive.

Our name, “FourFront Insights”, came from our desire to be at the forefront of emerging technologies continuously. The “Four” stands for “Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, and Robotics.

How We Do It

FourFront’s unique approach to Work Integrated Learning (WIL) sets it apart from competitors. Employees or students have access to industry mentors with real-world experience. These mentors, called Experts, are assessed through a 10-stage process, they are truly the best in the world.

The importance of having industry experts actively engaged in course design and delivery is to provide industry relevant knowledge, so the transition between learning and applying is expedited in real-time. The advantage of having the courses designed around industry case studies is that it maximizes a student’s learning and retention rate (>75%) vs the traditional lecture-based format (<20%).

FourFront’s simplified and customizable learning solution encourages individuals of all skill levels to learn by leveraging their existing talent, using “quick to market blended or online work-integrated” learning that focuses on individual company’s specific challenges.

Our Executive Team

Santha Krishnasamy

CEO & Founder

Santha is an Electronics Engineer and an MBA graduate with 15 years of extensive experience in Data Engineering and Data Science in diversified industries across multiple countries. She is a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer and a Certified Blockchain Solution Architect. Following her keen passion for entrepreneurship, she achieved a management credential from Harvard Business School and Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins University. She continues to learn to work with many cutting-edge technologies.

Our Team

FourFront Insights have assembled a world-class management team who together has over 75 years of experience across a diverse group of industries. This forward-thinking team is on a mission.
Ben has over a decade of experience in the Web and Mobile technology startup space. With a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, he has spent the last 10 years either building businesses or helping build the businesses of others. Recently Ben was a senior leader involved in growing the local company Jobber from a small business to a 150 person rapid growth company. His roles with Jobber were originally focused on the engineering challenges, but most recently he formed and led Jobbers Growth team, spearheading the application of scientific experimental and data analysis methodology to the business growth goals of the company.
Jai plans and procures Google's global search capacity. Between Caterpillar and Google - he comes with 15 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations. He serves as a Board Director for St.Coletta's of Illinois - Educational services for children with autism and mental disabilities . Jai has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from University of Texas and a management credential from Harvard Business School.

Gokul has been part of the engineering team in building various biggest refineries across the world such as Abu Dhabi gas development, North America’s biggest refinery Motiva at Port Arthur and Shell Scottford. He comes with 16 years of extensive experience in the oil and gas industry across the US and Canada. Gokul has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Offshore Engineering from Scotland and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the USA. He is an APEGA member, a pilot and a cultural traveller across the world.

Gokul Ramachandran
Director of Manufacturing & Co-Founder
Alberta consultancy and social entrepreneurship focused on expanding organizations’ core competencies.

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