It's now a matter of survival to embrace emerging technology.

Emerging technology is daunting to many of us because of its hype and inaccessibility.

Our mission is to help individuals and companies thrive in an increasingly complex digital age.


What We Provide

We're here to help

The world seems to be spinning faster than ever before. And it’s never been harder to keep up. The demand for employees who are conversant in the “languages” of Blockchain, AI, Robotics and Data Science had grown exponentially.

We’re FourFront, and our mission is to get your people, current and future, upskilled with learning experiences that will get them prepared for this brave new world.

You provide the workers and we’ll provide them with an effective new learning system that will empower them to succeed. We’ll teach them all the skills that your business demands, so that you can march into the future with confidence.

Our commitment and dedication to upskilling the workforce during the COVID-19 crisis is stronger than ever!

Times are tough now. We get it. Our world changed overnight. What’s taken place is scary and full of uncertainty. However, utilizing technology to solve the most complex of problems is a path forward.

At FourFront, we are dedicated to upskilling your workforce and preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. Let us help you move from surviving to thriving! This can be opportune time for students and furloughed workers to cultivate new skills; proficiencies they can bring to campus and to the workplace. FourFront Insights unique Work Integrated Learning (WIL) solution enables institutions and businesses to be at the “FourFront” of automation and emerging technologies by delivering hybrid work-integrated content, and by pairing institutions with experts.

Through our bespoke EdTech content, your students and employees can ride out the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge from it better equipped to tackle your company’s pressing need for an upskilled workforce. 

Industry Challenges

With our tailored digital enablement solution, we don’t just reduce the cost and increase productivity, we also support our industry clients to achieve the following goals:

  • Solve technology problems under the guidance of F500 applied experts
  • Directly hire qualified students who are trained in your business
  • Skip elements of the training process
  • Better integration of technology into the business

Workplace Training

Our innovative work-integrated learning platform empowers your team to learn while creating value for your business. Develop team growth opportunities and process optimization for your business in Data Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain solutions for manufacturing industries. Our real-world workplace-driven learning helps industries increase productivity and reduce costs while keeping products relevant. 

  • Improved industrial and emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Applied skills in the emergent economy
  • Tailoring the training process
  • Flexible and job-ready experience 
  • Being at the forefront of digital transformation

Post Secondary Institutions

Through our innovative Work Integrated Learning (WIL) students and the younger generation gain industry-specific skills in real-time by solving industry challenges led by F500 Subject Matter Experts. Our WIL helps institutions in:

  • Find a WIL spot for the course
  • Create a WIL industry specific
  • Better integration of WIL into institution curriculum
  • Measuring WIL effectively 
  • Follow the semester system

Continuing Education

We partner with institutions to provide Industry Centered Learning Integrated Life for people who are concerned about employment by

  • Innovate to stay up to date with workforce needs
  • Leverage industry partnerships
  • New archetype to certify peoples’ knowledge and skills
  • Customizable Subject Length

Our industry experts provide experiential learning and applied solution centered around the following group of technologies:

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence




Multiple students agreed that the class setup with half of the class as a lecture and the other half lab worked well to teach the concept. All of the expert mentors were very resourceful and at the forefront of the industry. Students agreed that it was a privilege to learn from the best.
NorQuest College
FourFront Industry Expert are excellent, and engaging speakers. I liked the real-world/ practical examples that were used to convey the concepts that were being discussed. I also liked the slide deck, I thought it was visually appealing and made the concepts easier to understand.
As a senior business intelligence analysts, aspiring to be a data scientist, I feel it's been a privilege to learn from the best. The applied data science course by FourFront Insights and all their expert mentors are very resourceful. They are definitely at the forefront of the industry.
I had the exciting opportunity to work on one of the projects at Four Front Insights which was to build a quadcopter. I found the whole experience to be very engaging, supportive and most of all, educational. I learned the basics of how an Arduino boards work, their potential, an overview of sensors and attachments available in the platform. Also, I got to improve upon my Python coding knowledge while writing programs to build the bot. It was very rewarding to see the bot I built and programmed perform some impressive coordinated movements in the end. We took it a step further by installing a Bluetooth receiver to the board and was able to control the bot remotely!. I didn't expect learning new skills would be this much fun, naturally being a person who likes to be hands-on, this experience was an absolute delight. It also gave me the foundation allowing me to be creative with this technology and platform. I would recommend FourFront to anyone who is looking for fun and engaging ways to learn new skills.
I had some experience with Data Analysis from university but I never clearly understood all that was going on. When I was done school, I was very determined to be a data analyst and always wondered how to jumpstart my career in that field. I met Santha, one of the partners of FourFront Insights (Innovills) and she told me about how she could help jumpstart my career in data analysis and I must say that I am very pleased. Innovills has been instrumental in refreshing my data analytics skills. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to do anything concerning any of the STEM disciplines. The mentor was always ready and knowledgeable about the subject matter. When i am ready to jumpstart my data analytics career, I am sure that i will be ready to produce a great skills to enhance the efficiency of the workplace procedures.

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