Be@TheFourFront's real-world industry experts will be your decisive partners in simplifying technology for your startup.

Our industry experts devise your customer-centric technology solutions and students execute them at a fixed cost within your budget


The Industry Expertise – our platform matches you with the real-world technical talent

Fortune 500 industry Experts ensure High Quality technology development

Student talent teams make it Affordable

Peace of mind – Experts do all the project management, talent recruitment, and on-going support

Industry Expertise

Our platform will match you with real-world technical talent, from CTOs to students, for your projects and technical needs.

High Quality

Our experts, who hail from Fortune 500 companies, ensure high-quality technology development and personalized support.


Working with student talent teams allows us to keep costs low and make your projects affordable.


Peace of Mind

Our experts will handle all of the project management, talent recruitment, and ongoing support so that you don’t have to.


Build for the Future

We collaborate with you to provide students with real-world experiences. You provide opportunities for students while also taking back affordable solutions under the guidance of industry experts.

What makes us one-of-a-kind technology startup studio?

Today's Technology Solutions

Estimates get extended indefinitely

Freelance developers work on projects ranging in size from $10,000 to $500,0000.

Losing $300 billion a year

Companies around the world are collectively losing about $300 billion a year by wasting developer efforts in debugging, modifying code, and fixing bad code.

Built in the dark

Create a product that excludes your customers and ignores the needs of your business.

Be@TheFourFront Solutions

Fixed-Price Cost

Be@TheFourFront charges you a fixed project cost with no extensions within your budget.

Reduce maintenance

Be@TheFourFront industry experts reduce project maintenance to one-third by effectively overseeing student execution.


Be@TheFourFront actively listen to your customers and your business while developing cutting-edge technology.


Under the training and guidance from FourFront’s base of experts, a single student was able to bring us from a conceptual idea to a fully-functioning, hosted, and tested web application.
Cris Joseph
Founder, Streamcicle
I really like what Be@TheFourFront and Santha are providing and I think it makes a lot of sense for startup entrepreneurs like me who has no prior startup and technology experience.
Jessica Seepersad
Founder, Klouf
Working with Be@TheFourFront is a unique experience. Beyond they’re ability to deliver innovative technological solutions, they take a keen interest in understanding your business and providing insightful advice in helping you reach your business goals in the most effective and efficient manner (which is especially important in the startup world where capital is limited).
Clinton Joseph
Director, Streamcicle
With an idea and minimal technological background, we onboarded Santha as our CHTO - Chief Humanizing Technology Officer; which proved to be a priceless amount of value as she was able to bring our idea to complete fruition. With Be@TheFourFront's model, Santha was able to deliver this under budget when compared to her competitors. I fully recommend Be@TheFourFront team for any and all technological development needs that you may have
Cris Joseph
Founder, Streamcicle
It will always be my pleasure to recommend Be@TheFourFront to new graduates that are eager in enhancing their knowledge and skills. Right after graduation, I have joined the company as one of the full-stack developer and despite being a fresh graduate, I was given the opportunities to work with clients right away. Being under Santha's supervision while at the same time was given freedom in taking ownership of my work is highly appreciated as it helps me a lot in brainstorming, critical thinking and communication. Not just that, receiving immediate guidance every time I encounter complication has also helped me to acquire development skills like Bubble and Django Full Stack very quickly. With all the exposure given, I can confidently say that I have grown and learn so much in just less than a month. My experience working with Be@TheFourFront has definitely increased my interest to further pursuing my career in this industry, and thus having my highest endorsement.
Afieqha Azemi
Fresh Graduate
Santha especially is highly innovative and very well experienced in the startup world. Her insights were greatly appreciated as she helped us think outside the box and adjust our strategies to get the biggest value for our precious dollar. I would recommend Santha and her team at Be@TheFourFront to any business, especially those starting out. Santha and her team have been instrumental in helping us get things up and running in short order. It’s a real win-win all around and her commitment to our success (and the success of all her clients) is truly genuine and yet highly effective. I guess she is a “Hungry Hunter” too ;-D.
Clinton Joseph
Director, Streamcicle

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